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Where Tradition & Technology Meet

Tradition & Tech




Experience products that connect old world tradition & craftsmanship, with new age tech. delivering hyper-local, astonishingly delicious, nutritious and beautiful products that nourish our souls and enrich our lives.




RiccaValle must be different. Luxury brands are cultural forces. RiccaValle is about taste education. It flirts with art, and avant-garde technologies. RiccaValle doesn't aim at being popular (that is to say, liked by everybody today), but instead aimed at setting the long lasting standards of taste for tomorrow. Capitalizing on what the majority of average present targeted consumers declare they like today is not the route to build the future. We must surprise the customer, bringing something he or she was not expecting. What RiccaValle sells its excitement, new experiences; new frontiers, not security. The RiccaValle strategy aims at creating the highest brand value and pricing power by leveraging all intangible elements of singularity.




Boasting breathtaking ocean views, hidden in the majestic mountains of Santa Barbara ... RiccaValle is true beauty defined. Immerse yourself in Tuscany with lavender-accented paths, intimate courtyards, sprawling vineyards,  beautiful olive, citrus, and peppercorn orchards. The state of the art barn adds to the estate‚Äôs virtually unlimited possibilities. The Tuscan estate is defined by ornate architectural touches that blend Italian traditions, and luxurious details. Though known for its distinctly private feel, the famous RiccaValle Vineyard is located only 2 miles from the heart of Santa Barabara town centre. The elegant 12th century style estate, complete with elegantly finished equestrian facilities, is a perfect balance of Tuscany, blended with modern day influences and technologies.